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Aakash Tab Ubislate 7 A Big Flop??

Aakash tablet, the tablet which had made lot of buzz few days back. It was given the "World cheapest tablet". But now according to the users the tab seems to be a flop. Hope you all have heard about the cheapest Tablet of India. If not go through the Features of the world's Cheapest Aakash Tab.So lets come to the point. The tab is released all over India now. All the users have started using the Aakash tab. So we have received the reviews from users that Ubislate 7 has got many defects that annoy the user a lot. Here we are going to list few.

The main Defects the users are complaining about Ubislate 7 are:

  • Very poor performance speed -As low processing power of 366MHz, which makes the Aakash tab to respond very slowly. 

  • Only Wifi connectivity-No GPRS or sim. Internet can be accessible only through Wi-fi. So we cannot access Internet all over.

  • Can't even access Android market place from Aakash because of its low processing power :/ 

  • Poor touch screen performance. : Poor touch screen makes Aakash tab even worser.

  • Heating up faster : Aakash tab gets heated faster and so a big heating problem.

  • Low Battery Life : Low battery backup annoys the user a lot. As it should be kept for charge regularly. And also When you go outside the Tab wont withstand for more hours.
low processing speed of aakash tab
low processing speed of laptops
aakash tab a flop


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