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5 Best Android Games

1. Reckless Racing 2
It is a racing game. It is also a multi-player game. In the game, several levels are there. You have to race with computer opponents. If you win the first level, then you can go ahead to the next level. Several benefits are available. You can get them by winning. There are some levels that you have to unlock them to play by finishing the starting levels.

Different levels have medals like Bronze, Silver and Gold. There will be several curves and drifting. You have to take care while turning. Penalty lines are visible you should not cross them. In the game, by playing different levels you can gain money and also car can be modified.

2. Stay Alive
It is one of the most exciting games to be played. In this game, you have to kill your enemies by using weapons. Only few ammos will be provided, but you can collect them on the way. You have to defend yourself from asteroids and enemies. Like this, you have to cross each level by defeating them.

3. Farm Frenzy 3
It is a loveable game to play. The game is very simple. In the game, you have to buy the animals, after buying them, you have to feed them. Animals will be working for you, such as, sheep, chickens and cow. They will pick the goods and will be placing them in the safe place. They will also help you in business by giving eggs, milk and wool.
Predators will try to destroy your farm and animals. You have to quickly save them at that time. You can also keep up cats and dogs. Cats will also help in shifting the goods from one place to another place. Dogs will protect from predators. As you finish one level, you can earn stars and can unlock upgrades.

4. Great Little War Game: All Out War
Great little war game is full of tragedy game with 3D effects and graphic style in comedy. You have to command your army and guide them. The main target is to kill the enemies on land, sea and air. You should be able to attack them in any situation. Before going for war, you should think about your reinforcements. The path to go it may be through air or land or sea. You should be capable to capture the factory of enemies, after defeating everyone you will be the winner of the game.

5. SupaSupaCross
It is an interesting game to be played. You have to reach the finishing line to be the winner. There will be so many opponents with you. You must controlthe speed and take care of the path. There will be different levels, after finishing the one level you will enter into the next level.


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