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Top 10 high definition (HD) graphic PC games of 201

Top 10 high definition (HD) graphic PC games



This game is a shooting based one. This is a great game that lets you play battle between two players or CPU. Firefall features customization of your favorite fighter. And the main feature that this game provides is the great visual themes and many more equipments. Firefall had become the best shooter game of the year with its fantastic gameplay.

2.Call of Duty Black Ops 

3.Hitman Absolution: Hitman 5

4.Tomb Raider - E3 2012 Exclusive Crossroads

5.The Darkness 2

6.Max Payne 3

7.Medal of Honor Warfighter

8.Far Cry 3

9.Wii U - EA - Mass Effect 3 Take Earth Back

10.Assassin's Creed 3 Naval Warfare



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