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2.0 N-Gage games on S60v3, v5!

Find themselves without any significant contribution to the forum, and also found little mobile box empty, this steep financial decision Minor and knowledge gathered on the network this TUT for ae. 
As you know, 2.0 is the N-Gage game game graphics and sound and gameplay are top, here, I will guide you to play the game ending with *. N-gage on the machine s60v3 and v5 (tested on my 6120c v7.10 hacked), I also do not know exactly what the machine can play, so please test before asking. 

Requirements: The machine hack. 
There are many ways to hack phone over the phone as 4rum and, you self-references and a way to fit their machines. 

In fact, N-Gage game to play well there's nothing difficult, just in that hack phone trouble. 
After the hack, the file you download N-Gage.rar in this 

Unzip the downloaded zip file, that file will DC 3: 1st.N-Gage v1.20 (1511). Sis, 2nd.N-Gage Language Pack.sis and 3rd.N-Gage.Fixes.SiS, install Order 3 files on the memory card. 
After installation, there will be a Games apps have names such as the inverted U icon (actually N  Open the Apps up and then get out there, let it create a folder "N-Gage" on the memory card. 

Next, download the game ends. N-gage has crack, then copy any game you want to install the game on N-Gage folder on your memory card (turn each game, There 's visit to copy all), then open the the "Games" to the king, the message will be installed, the game would have set the tab "My Games" 

* Note: to install and play the game all through the application of "Games". 
Switch off the patch before playing or Caps On Open 4 All, if not will be error EXEC not play DC. 

And here's the crack game n-gage has: 



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