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All apps for S60v3- Test on N82

general topic was his but it's not complete, the list will have a number of computer software is only for accelerometers (prosaically, the motion sensor) and only for N82, N95-8gb no of fp2 (E52, E66 ...) so you need to read carefully before down.con again, ver of the software can be older than the tai.cac you can learn to always uplate for his cricket. 
The very incomplete but this is enough for his new people and people stopped using s60v3 (only installed on the basic application) as minh.Minh will uplate to the missing part again, hoping for it to admin you start to download, to avoid asking for a problem many times. 
was tested on: 6120c, 5700, N73, N81, N82, E61, E65, E63, E52, E71, E72, N97 (v5), 5230 (v5) 
The application name (which I renamed the file Vietnamese installed, the installer will know when the software name is)-uses 
Bit-site panoman -camera panorama software (na wide-angle camera). capture 360 degrees = 12 images in a row adjacent to a long photo. 
Google map -map (this old then) could pinpoint their location minh.phai new online connection is used. 
Capree.ion timer-battery -battery management 
Degsiner -image editing 
Ringtune maker cut the music- 
Dudu Recoder -recording calls 
End-app -Timer application (to the 5s, all applications on the current out-5s were content error I set) 
ERSD shot -screen capture 
Flip silent -machine capsized reject calls (only for N82, N95-8gb) 
Free coocall call-Background music 
Free signer -user detao HelloOX file (set time back to 2009) 
Free Unrar -Extract the zip file (rar file extractor on xplore 3MB or failure) 
Guru.Cute key assign application shortcuts 
Send a message is not saved -Self can not remember the name now changed its name again 
Hand wave -For a machine with camera control via camera phone 
1:08 +1.09 pro ISMS are using stable version, message type iphone simulator 
Icodesc assist a number of better players 
Image Exchange -The photos, very good with a machine with an accelerometer (N82, N95-8gb) 
Jarboom jar file and unzip 
Jbak taskman -management device, the icon does not have 
Lanscap Pro -Help screen phone horizontally 
Perpetual calendar lunar solar-View 
On the theme s60v3 
Magic key -exchange key application helps players recommend reading the user manual before using> google investigation 
Mclean -blocking calls, messages 
Melon advance mobile saver -saver application 
Mobireader rpc-read stories 
N-gage -game settings to play N-gage 
Network Swicher Quick-Change 2G-3G dual-mode (de-select dual mode) to save battery (faster is on installation) 
Step Nokuia counte -step application count walk, the Kal (only for N82, N95-8gb) 
Nokmote -control device by shaking, combined with game game >> motion sensor (only for N82, N95-8gb) 
Office -Help for word, excel 
Opera mobile -not for machines 64mb RAM 
Opera mini 6 -browsing 
Lexigo -Vietnamese-English Dictionary, English-Vietnamese 
1:45 Python python-Ministry of stability, the application to install python 
Quick hack -hack older machines much faster N73, 6120c 
Management of light -can adjust screen brightness, keyboard backlight off 
N Scroll Nrock control your phone by shaking hands (only for N82, N95-8gb 
Safe MRG -management application multifunction device 
Shake me Shake-change music, read the message (N82, N95-8gb) 
Show del msg -Review deleted messages 
Smart movie viewer photo-beautiful but weak 
Auto Hangup break automatically call the preset time 
Solution -General 
Socerer -Hack game offline on dt 
Swiss manager Freeing-ram, restart .. v .. v .. dt 
Symot SMS Draw -Drawing in black and white messages sent s60v3 machines 
ttpod -The beautiful music 
VBag X -simulator game vBag 
Vhome -screen interface + Quick-dial can not be 
Viep map Vietnamese-map (need to download data on the home page vietmap)-Combined with GPS never get lost again. 
Ressco photo view photo-viewer 
Xplore -Management directory 
XYZmusic -Shake Your wonderful music for N82, N95-8gb 
Youtube -Download video on youtube 
Youtube -Xemyoutube 
Photo rite Zensit photography fun 
Rename applications python-application help to easily change the application name. 
How was temporary, I think is quite sufficient roi.he 
Qt 4.8 Qt 4.7.3 Mobility QtWebKit 
Written (HHT2010) want to introduce people to upgrade tips of their old Symbian (S60V3, S60V5, S ^ 3) over a packet released by Nokia for Symbian Anna's performance on your machine, and their view it is a comprehensive tool to increase speed and high (university degree, hi, hi ...) for his old love cricket 
Tested, although very memory installed but no heavy, which seems a little faster machine, I install theme effcet bit shocked at first but now normal 
Best.CallCheater.v1.05 -simulator calls 
Iremote -TV for PC control with IR (E65, N73, E71 ...) 
EBUS find a bus for 2 where HN & SG 
The pencil pencil key assigned to any key (for machines without pencil key) 
font for s60v3 -Change the font for the device, which shows better Vietnamese font, with my Chinese font support, help china gaming easier 
I saw one of the most beautiful font (good = easily read the message, :D ), Including font and artwork: 


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