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(Not via keepvid or IDM) Best Trick Download YouTube Videos Fast and Easy

You are certainly familiar with Internet users YouTube.YouTube is probably one of your favorite sites to get video. But sometimes there are a few of you are quite difficult to download videos from YouTube because it's on YouTube there is no download link from a video. If you are having trouble downloading videos from YouTube, maybe this software can help you. The name of this software is YouTubeGet.As the name suggests, YouTubeGet is a small tool that you can use to download videos from YouTube or in other words can be spelled out a YouTube Video Downloader. Tool can be used on almost all versions of Windows, from Windows 2000, XP, 2003, Vista, and Windows 7.YouTubeGet gives you several options and ease of downloading video. You can just copy the video URL in YouTube then mempastenya the Add New Download dialog box.In addition, with YouTubeGet, you also can convert downloaded videos to other video formats with features Auto Convert existing on the Add New Download window. You can convert video to HD video formats such as MP4, WMV, AVI, MOV and 3GP. In fact, you also can convert video to audio formats like MP3.

YouTubeGet also automatically detect if the user performs the activity on YouTube. For example, if you copy a URL of a video on YouTube, then the Add New Download will automatically appear that would allow you to instantly download the video.To be able to enjoy the convenience provided YouTubeGet in downloading videos from YouTube, you have to pocket for $ 29.95. Large enough for a video downloader software.However, for those who are interested to use them not to worry, because until December 10, 2010, you can get downloading and get a license YouTubeGet with FREE through giveaway programs provided by the manufacturer of this software. You can find the serial code on the download page YouTubeGet below.

How to Get YouTubeGet version 4free?
Here you have to do is download thesoftware and enter the followingregistration key to activate it.

Registration Key: WD663666127321
Link Download: YouTubeGet Version 4(4:04 MB)

Details Promo Giveaway:


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