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Trick to get Free Skype Credit Working | Skype Credit Latest Trick working

Trick to get Free Skype Credit Working | Skype Credit Latest Trick working

Trick to get Free Skype Credit Working | Skype Credit Latest Trick working
This is the easiest way to hack Skype Credit. Most methods of hacking Skype are very annoying. will be asked to complete surveys and make offers. or register on websites or newsletters. only thing you have to do in this method is to click a button, such as Facebook and get 60 minutes of conversation. That's why this method is very simple. Now let's see how we can use this trick to get Skype credit to our free Skype account. Millions of people use Skype on computers and mobile phones to connect and communicate with each other. the freedom to make computer to computer or Skype-enabled mobile phones. but when you have to call landline or mobile phone, you do not have Skype installed, you must downloadthe Skype call going. Basic way to get Skype credit is a payment method online. But now that you do not like. There are some trusted sites to get free credits, in this tutorial I will show you a site that offers free Skype Credit in minutes, records or other activities.
First hide your IP address and assign a fake IP from US,Canada or England. because this Skype Credits offer valid only for those countries. i have used "Hide My IP" software in this tutorial video. you can use
  1. Hot spot Shield
  2. Ultra Surf
  3. Hide my IP ( CLICK THIS )
  4. Foxy proxy (Firefox add on)
  5. or any other proxy server
Now login to your facebook account
better stay login to facebook before you change your IP address. because if you have installed Facebook security features, you might get some troubles when sign in from an IP address fro different country.  After you logged in  go to this page and click like button
iFeelGoods Skype Credits offer  
After clicking the like button they will give you a coupon code to get your Free Skype credits. now go to your Skype account and paste it on redeem option. Click below link to enter your Skype Creditscoupon


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